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    A more Connected World

    On the Grid and in the Cloud

    Power outages are a growing problem-up 285% in the United States alone since 1984-costing businesses as much as $150 million a year.
    • Almost 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the past two years alone.
    • Machines have easy access to intelligence, and people expect solutions that leverage the power of that intelligence.

    On the Ground, In the Cloud - A more connected world

    People and machines are gaining easier access to more intelligence, and they expect solutions that are connected to—and leverage the power of—that intelligence. We understand that “on-demand” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s the new reality.

    Content and Services on Demand
    - Building An Internet of Things

    We are at the forefront of putting the Internet of Things to work for enterprises, industries, cities and living spaces across the world. Whether we're improving real-time energy tracking to lower energy spend or helping enterprises across the globe to meet rapidly accelerating traffic demands, our solutions are making everything smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. We ensure that no matter where data is created, transmitted or stored, it's always available.

    Facing Iot of Challenges
    - The new pressures of big data

    For data centers and corporate networks, processing real-time data in large quantities increases workloads exponentially. With this vast amount of data being produced, IT and network administrators are facing a new set of challenges, which play out in the need for improved analytics, security, latency and capacity flexibility. These challenges drastically change the requirements around owning and operating a data center.
    Protecting On-Premise IT - Managing advanced data centers

    Whether you're a small-medium business, a corporation or a government agency, the applications you choose to keep in-house require the greatest degree of availability because they are often the most mission-critical. As more data moves off-premise, there is greater demand on the corporate network and the IT infrastructure. With real-time management solutions, such as data center infrastructure management (DCIM), best-in-class physical infrastructure systems and lifecycle maintenance and modernization services, we enable industry leading ROI.

    Leveraging the Cloud
    - Faster and secure data access

    Wherever data and applications live, chances are that we're supporting the reliability and uptime of that information. We work closely with our cloud and managed services provider clients, taking a highly dedicated approach to their unique requirements. Their business is built on processing and storing massive amounts of data for on-demand access. We partner our engineers with their engineers, providing new and innovative infrastructure design solutions to enable high performance computing at a global scale.

    Sustainable Data Centers
    - Reducing carbon footprints

    We realize that our customers need to build sustainable data centers to meet the challenges of this changing world. We work with industry associations, standards bodies and governments to develop best practices and create better solutions with the goal of reducing the environmental footprint of digital investments.
    • Chico's Winder, USA "60% increase in efficiency, 6 times the power densityof existing data center with predicatable performance and scalability."

      Chico's data center was originally located in a set of retrofit offices in Fort Meyers, in South Florida, a hurricane-prone area, which was not an ideal option for them. Chico's planned ahead to move their data center to Winder, Georgia for future expansion. They identified Schneider Electric as a good partner for the project and adopted a prefabricated data center solution that would meet their needs of fast deployment, safety, simplification, cost saving, and efficiency.

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      • Elmendorf Air Force Base, Achorage, USA Extended runtime to ensure 100% IT availability

        Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage, Alaska is a critical location for the U.S. Department of Defense. Considering both the criticality of the site, along with severity of the weather in this region of the world, they require a rather special physical IT infrastructure. In the event of a power outage, rather than just provide a few seconds of backup power until the generators kick in, their UPSs carry the load for hours – until a generator arrives on site and is brought on-line.

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      • Mercy Health, Washington, USA "Moved business model from a hospital supported by a data center to a data center supporting hospitals"

        Mercy Health is a cutting-edge health care organization that has partnered with Schneider Electric for all of their data center needs over the past six years. Schneider Electric’s data center solutions have allowed Mercy to shift their business model from a hospital supported by a data center, to a data center system supporting hospitals.

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      • OnTheNet, Gold Coast, Australia "Increased power density, availability and operational savings to their customers"

        When OntheNet decided to open a new data center facility on Australia's Gold Coast, they turned to Schneider Electric for their complete data center solution needs to increase power density, availability and operational savings for their customers.

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      • SuperNAP, Las Vegas, USA "guarantees 100% uptime to its customers and accommodates 1,500 watts of power per square foot"

        The SuperNAP data center located in the Nevada desert, is run by Switch Communications and is one of the largest co-location data centers in the world. These are the people who are providing information “in the cloud”. In fact, they are “the cloud”. To date, this is the highest-density data center ever built. It guarantees 100% uptime to its customers and accommodates 1,500 watts of power per square foot, as opposed to the standard 150 watts per square foot. Switch partnered with Schneider Electric for a fully integrated infrastructure and best of breed/best of products in a one-stop location to meet expectations for Power Utilization Efficiency and building automation and security.

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