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    Celebrating 50 years of innovation and leadership

    A history of MODICON Controllers from 1969 to 2019

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    You probably already know that the first Modicon PLC model was called the 084. But did you know why? Well, the 084 was the 84th project to be undertaken by the Bedford Associates group. Quite simple really!

    The Bedford Associates group, who formed the company Modicon in 1968 after calling their invention Modular Digital Controller, consisted of Dick Morley, Tom Boissevain, George Schwenk, and Jonas Landau (pictured from left to right)

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A history of MODICON Controllers from 1969 to 2019

  • 1969

    Modicon 084, the first PLC

  • 1979

    Modbus,the first Distributed Network PLC

  • 1989

    Micro 984, the first Micro Modicon

  • 1996

    Modicon Premium and Quantum, the first PAC

  • 2007

    Modicon M340, the All-in-one PAC

  • 2014

    Modicon M580, the first ePac

  • 2017

    Modicon M580 Safety, the first safety PAC

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