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Is there a NEMA 3R for the Class 8910 Type SYD, DPA122, DPA123 definite purpose contactors?

8910 Type SYD, DPA122, DPA123 NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure

Product Line:
Class 8910, Definite Purpose Contactors

Products sold and used in the United States

The 9991SEH1 enclosure, designed originally for the Class 8536 Types SE NEMA size 3 contactor, is also suitable for use with the 8910DPA122, 8910DPA123 and 8910SYD138 contactor. The 9991SFH1 enclosure which is designed for the Class 8536 Types SFO NEMA size 4 contactor is suitable for use with the 8910SYD230 contactor. There is no option for the 8910SYD368, suggest the use of a third party commercial enclosure.

Note: The use of this enclosure will also require replacement of reset assembly with 9001K51 closing plate.
The 8910 SYD138, DPA122 and DPA122 contactors were obsoleted in March 2010.

Schneider Electric Malaysia

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