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ION EEM 3.95 SP1 Command Timeouts

Goals and Symptoms

This is a guide containing the most important details for the timeout values used in EEM 3.95 SP1, it is intended to help diagnose connection timeouts and repair them in the most efficient and safe manner.
For each of the timeout values, this document will provide its default value, the saving location, the places where it is used and an example of when to modify such value.

Facts and Changes

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Causes and Fixes

EEMWeb DataAccessBase.CommandTimeout

Saving Location:\solutions\Apps\Web\EEM\Web.config
Default Value:60 seconds
Description:Gets or sets the wait time before terminating the attempt to execute a SQL command and generating an error. The default is 30 seconds. A value of 0 indicates no limit, and should be avoided in a CommandTimeout because an attempt to execute a command will wait indefinitely.
Used In:Web application
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:[RESL200174]
When you have a large number (>500) of Reports, Trend Analysis, PQ Analysis, or Weblinks and Files.
It can take a long time for the page to load. You may even receive a timeout message. This value can be changed to reduce the occurrence of this timeout.
For large ION EEM systems (those with over 10,000 Source/Measurement Pairs) where the Power Quality module is of great importance, the DataAccessBase.CommandTimeout setting should be increased because the PQ event queries are complex and may timeout when querying over a large time span (ie, several months).

WebServices Sto rageAccess.CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\WebServices\Services\Web.config
Default Value:0 seconds (unlimited time)
Description:The command timeout within the StorageAccess subsystem.
Used In:EEMUserAccess.cs
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:If the Reports tab in the Data Quality plugin of the Admin Tool is throwing a timeout message, this value can be increased to allow more processing to take place. It is important to take into account that decreasing this value might lead to timeout in other procedures.

SourceActivityService SourceActivity.CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \bin\IONEEMSourceActivityService.exe.config
Default Value:60 seconds
Description:The command timeout within the SourceActivity subsystem.
Used In:SourceActivity.cs
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:For systems with large numbers of sources the Source Activity Monitor may have difficulty updating state information before the database command times out. If this occurs, the timeout can be extended.

WebServices DataAccessBase.CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\WebServices\Services\Web.config
Default Value:60 seconds
Description:The command timeout for all classes derived from DataAccessBase.

This is only used when running locally.
Used In:EEM's webservices
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:Works along with the StorageAccess.Timeout to control the time the webservices take to process a request, nevertheless, using this value will have a smaller impact on other components of EEM.
See RESL198548

IONEEMAdminTool DataAccessBase.CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\Apps\Platform\IONEEMAdminTool\App.config
Default Value:60 seconds
Description:The command timeout for all classes derived from DataAccessBase.

All classes dealing with stored procedures (*Sprocs.cs)
Used In:Classes used by the AdminTool.
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:This is used only when is running in local mode.

IDM DataAccessBase.CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\Apps\Platform\IDM\App.config
Default Value:600 seconds
Description:This is the command timeout for all IDM connections to the database.
Used In:Archiving, summarizing, and trimming historical EEM_Datalog data.
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:If you are running IDM with a very large amount of data, it might result in Rule processes not completed. Process times out before finishing though in the Admin tool it is reported as having completed successfully.
This problem can be fixed by increasing this timeout value, though it is unlikely since by default is set to 10 minutes.

IonDatabaseLoader IonDatabaseTimeoutSeconds
Saving Location: \solutions\Apps\Platform\IonDatabaseLoader\App.config
Default Value:30 seconds
Description:Timeout to use for ION database queries.
Used In:Loader.cs
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:If the DatabaseLoader takes too long to receive information from the ION database to store in the EEM database, for example because of bad connection issues, it will wait for a default of 30 seconds, if more time is needed, a quick fix might be to increase this value.

EventAdapter AggregationTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\Data\adapters\EventAdapter\App.config
Default Value:600 seconds
Description:The timeout value for the aggregation procedure to run.
Used In:DatabaseLoader
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:Used when retrieving the aggregate events, if this is timing out, increase this value.

EventAdapter IONCommandTimeoutCount
Saving Location: \solutions\Data\adapters\EventAdapter\App.config
Default Value:600 seconds
Description:The timeout value for querying data from the ION database.
Used In:EventWatcher.cs
Editable In:EEMAppConfigTool
Usage Scenarios:The classes that use this value are in charge of getting the events from ION Enterprise into EEM, use this value to limit the time that the process will wait for new events.

Quantities Registry.CommandTimeout_s
Saving Location: \data\LogSubsystem\Quantities\Registry.cs
Default Value:600 seconds
Description:This timeout is used in many important communications with the database, datalog queries, eventlog queries, waveform queries, quantities, etc.
Used In:Datalog commands
Event commands
RecorderState commands
Waveform commands
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:If EEM generates an error indicating that there was a timeout when inserting a waveform to the database, or when inserting an event during the execution of the EventAdapter. This is the value used to increase the amount of time permitted to wait (maybe caused by a network issue slowing the query).

InSqlDatabaseAdapter CommandTimeout
Saving Location: \solutions\Data\adapters\InSqlDatabaseAdapter\App.config
Default Value:0 seconds (unlimited time)
Description:Interaction with the InSQL database.
Used In:InSqlDatabase.cs
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:n/a

DownstreamDevices RegistryAccess.getCommandTimeout()
Saving Location: Windows Registry (\\software\\Schneider Electric\\IONEEM\\Version\\DownstreamAssistant)
Default Value:1200 seconds
Description:Interaction with the InSQL database.
Used In:InSqlDatabase.cs
Editable In:Windows Registry
Usage Scenarios:This value is related to the Registry.CommandTimeout_s as this value overwrites it unless it doesn't exist.

Extra care is needed when modifying Windows Registry.

DatabaseSliceUtility TimeoutValInSeconds and IndefinitePeriodOfSeconds
Saving Location: \solutions\EEM-toolkit\Apps\Tools\DatabaseSliceUtility\SQLOperations.cs
Default Value:60 or 0 seconds
Description:Database slicing.
Used In:text
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:During the creation of a database slice another empty database will be created, if for some reason this times out, you can workaround the issue by increasing this value.
The Indefinite value is set to 0, this will cause the slicing process to wait indefinitely for the copying of data to finish, if this is not the desired operation, assign this a value greater than 0.

DataAccessBase IONEEMSourceTransformService
Saving Location: \bin\IONEEMSourceTransformService.exe.config
Default Value:120 seconds
Description:Virtual source calculations by the Source Transformation Service.
Used In:IONEEMSourceTransform.exe
Editable In:File
Usage Scenarios:[See RESL187657]
On some systems, virtual source calculations by the Source Transformation Service may take longer than expected. If the calculations take too long, this will result in a timeout that causes the computation process to halt and results in missing virtual source data. Note that there will be corresponding system log entries. Increasing the timeout will allow the virtual source update to complete.

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