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Interpreting Timestamps In Files Retrieved By ION Diagnostics


The ION Diagnostics program retrieves a number of files from an ION Enterprise system. Among these files are ION System Log events, CommServer console messages, and the operating system Event Viewer logs. If it is necessary to determine the sequence of events, it is important to interpret the timestamps correctly.

The timestamps for the ION System log and for the CommServer console messages are displayed in UTC. You must know what timezone the ION Enterprise system is in so that you can convert these timestamps to local time for that system. When viewing the OS event logs, the timestamps are displayed in the local time for the machine on which you are viewing them. Once again, you must convert the timestamp to the timezone of the customer machine in order to align events from the syslog and the console messages with the events from the OS event viewer.

For example, you are viewing diagnostics in Victoria, BC (Pacific Standard Time) from a machine that is located in Toronto, ON (Eastern Standard Time) at a time when Daylight Savings is not in effect. When you look at the syslog events and the console messages, you will need to subtract 5 hours to convert them to Eastern Standard time. When you look at the OS event viewer log files, you will need to add 3 hours to convert them to Eastern Standard time. After you have completed these time conversions, you can attempt to align events from the OS event viewer and the events generated by ION Enterprise.

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