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Which IEC programming languages are supported with the Concept Software?

The Concept software supports the following IEC programming language editors:
Graphic Editors:

  • Function Block Diagram (FBD) - One or more sections that contain graphically represented networks from functions, function blocks and connections.
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC) - The SFC linguistic elements facilitate the subdivision of a PLC program organization unit into a number of steps and transitions that are linked to one another by direct connections. A number of actions go with each step and a transition condition is linked to every transition.
  • Ladder Diagram (LD) - LD is a graphical programming language as per IEC 1131 that optically orientates itself by the "current paths" of a relay contact plan.
Text Editors:
  • Structured Text (ST) - ST is a text language as per IEC 1131, in which operations such as invocations of function blocks and functions, conditional execution of instructions, repetition of instructions etc. are represented by instructions.
  • Instruction List (IL) - Instructions are the "commands" of the IL programming language. Each instruction begins on a new line and is followed by an operator with a modifier (if necessary) and, if required for the current operation, by one of more operands. If several operands are being used, they are separated with commas. There may be a tag in front of the instruction that is followed by a colon. The comment, if it exists, has to be last element in the line.
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