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How to set up the ATV61/71 on Modbus Plus assistance?

Published date: 07 August 2020

ATV61/71 Modbus Plus programming setup assistance.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 ATV71


Modbus Plus setup

Setting up the Modbus Plus option card VW3A3302

Addressing 1- 64  is done via the 8 pin dip switches on the option card
ATV58 Migration mode is also set with the far right handed dip 8
1= on is ATV58 8 series mode
0= standard ATV61/71 Modbus Plus mode

Connector Type is a 9 pin Sub D connector
Pin 1= Shield
Pin 2= Signal
Pin 3= Signal

Programming  Com Menu 1.9
AdrC= read only address from the 8 pin dip switches.
tLP= network time out  1-60 seconds
PrC= Peer Cop  Yes or NO
rEG= Number of Peer Cop Registers 0 -8 are usable
GLb= Global Tx registers 0-8 are usable
Cdn= Command Station 1= Peer cop will be allowed to control the drive  0= Ignore Peer cop services.

ATV61/71 programming
Ref 1 Com card
Profile= DSP402 mode set for separate or not separate.
Profile= Simple start set for IO Profile 
CMD switching Channel 1 active
CMD channel 1 is Com card.


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