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What type of fiber optic cable is recommended for the M340 or M580 BMXNRP0200 fiber optic repeater?

BMXNRP0200 fiber optic cable
BMXNRP0200 fiber optic cable
Product Line
M580 M340, BMXNRP0200
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 Below are the parameters specified for the Fiber Optic cable:
  •  the wavelength of the optical signal: 1310 nm
  •  the cable index: use graded-index cable only
  •  Fiber size - 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm or  9/125 μm
For most multimode optical cable links, the use of 62.5/125 μm cable is recommended because of its relatively low loss and signal distortion. Select the fiber optic cable that meets the demands of your application. Multi-conductor cables are recommended. Most 62.5/125 μm cables are rated at 1.5 dB loss per km. With a multi-conductor cable, pairs come with an attenuation specification as measured, which is less than 3.5 dB/km.
The fiber ports, in both multi-mode and single-mode modules, use LC-type connectors.
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