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PM8000 Frequently Asked Questions

Published date: 12 August 2020

PM8000 Frequently Asked Questions

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PM8000 series meters

Power Monitoring
Energy Management
Specification, Functions and Characteristics, Catalog Number, User Guide, Installation Guide

Find the answer to commonly asked questions about the PM8000 as well as user/installation guides for that meter.


What are the control power input requirements?
120 to 300 V DC ± 10%
50/60 Hz ± 10% : 90 to 415 V ± 10%
    Meter only: 18VA max at 415V AC, 6W at 300V DC
    Fully optioned Meter: 36 VA max at 415V AC, 17W at 300V DC

What is the rating of the current inputs?
Nominal 5 A (Class 0.2S) or 1 A (Class 0.5S )
Measured current: 50 mA to 10 A
Starting current: 5 mA
Withstand: 20 A continuous, 50 A @10 sec/hr, 500 @ 1 sec/hr
Impedance: 0.3 mΩ
Burden: 0.024 VA at 10 A

What are the voltage inputs rated at?
Measured voltage: 57 to 400 V L-N / 100 to 690 V L-L (Wye) or 100 to 600 V L-L (Delta or Wye with unearthed neutral)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 15%,
400 Hz ± 10%
Overload: 600 V L-N or
1035 V L-L

What are the options to connect the PM8000 via RS485?
The PM8000 can be connected via RS485 2 wire. The remote display does not have the option to connect RS485 4 wire as the PM800 does.
in order to communicate RS485 4-wire, a 2 to 4 wire converter needs to be used.

What are the maximum number of digital and analog inputs on the PM8000 series?
27 Digital inputs
16 Analog inputs

What is the difference between PM8243 and PM8244?
PM8243 is DIN rail meter with no display.
PM8244 is DIN rail meter with remote display. The PM8244 is essentially a PM8243 + remote display (PM89RD96) 

For additional specifications for your meter and accessories, view the User Manual on page 155-160 (Document # 7EN02-0336-03).
PowerLogic PM8000 series User manual:

For specifications related to installation, such as measured voltage and current ranges, inputs/outputs and control power information, View the installation sheet attached on page 7 (Document # EAV47344-03).
PowerLogic PM8240 installation guide:
PowerLogic PM8243 installation guide:

For complete specifications and Catalog number, view PM8000 Technical Datasheet attached.
PM8000 Technical Datasheet:

For information on installing the remote display see the PM89RD96 installation sheet.
PowerLogic PM89RD96 installation sheet:

For information on installing the digital and analog option modules see PM89M2600 & PM89M0024 installation sheet.
PowerLogic PM89M2600 installation sheet:  
PowerLogic PM89M0024 installation sheet:
For information on the PM8000 Modbus registers see the PM8000 Modbus Map.
PM8000 Modbus Map:

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