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How is the 50C rating accomplished in the Enclosed ATS22 Soft Start Controllers?

Published date: 17 August 2020

Customer ordered an Enclosed Altistart 22 and there is no circulating fan inside the enclosure.

Product line:
Enclosed ATS22, Altistart 22

NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosed. 

Customer has ordered but found no circulating fan inside.

Engineering uses an oversized ATS22 softstart with de-rating based on temperature instead of adding a cooling fan.

ATS22C14S6U has 124 nominal motor current. We want 52C rating, so over nominal temperature (40C) by 12C. 
We have a derating of 2.2% for every 1C over 40C.
52-40= 12.  
12x2.2% = 26.4%. 
26.4% of 124 = 32.24.  
32.24 is the deduction for the 124 nominal motor current of ATS22C14S6U. So the ATS22C14S6U has only rated to 91.76A motor in 52C temperature. 

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