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What are the recommendations for Modicon Quantum PLC battery maintenance and replacement frequencies?

Are there documents about the battery maintenance and replacement frequencies for the Modicon Quantum PLC?

Product Line:
Modicon Quantum PLC


Are there any documents related to preventive maintenance and replacement frequency for Modicon Quantum PLCs?

There is no official document for battery preventive maintenance as the powered up/off times will vary between application requirements. Therefore, the frequency to change batteries is not the same for all customers or applications.

Information on the batteries can be referenced in document FA237311. This document also includes the High End Quantum CPU’s.

Based on the customers Quantum processor application powered on and off times, they can determine when to replace the batteries in a scheduled maintenance by referencing this document.

Monitoring System Bit %S68 will indicate battery integrity. (Set to 0: battery present and operational. Set to 1: battery missing or non-operational). As long as the processor remains powered, the battery can be replaced without loss of data.


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