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Home convenience for the whole family. Enhance monitoring and control of residential heating through our Wiser app and your phone. Now you can decide when it's time to heat your house.

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How can builders achieve home comfort and convenience with style in connected Homes of the Future?

Schneider Electric offers innovative home comfort solutions to help transform your homes into excellent living spaces by balancing comfort and style with long-term energy efficiency. As a leader in connected and smart home technology, we enable home builders with solutions that focus on building top-of-the-line homes, providing best-in-class safety and protection, creating an enhanced lifestyle with connectivity, and embracing modern aesthetics and modular designs. Our product design philosophy and design labs focus specifically on reliability, ease of use, and ingenuity, to give perfect, creative, and precise solutions and products for home comfort.
Our Wiser Home Energy Monitor, a connected solution integrated into the home electrical panel, provides real-time information to optimise home energy usage through a single app and track energy use across all electrical devices. Our products combine style and functionality, including high-performing, multi-tasking, connected light switches, dimmers, outlets, and combination devices that can control room lighting and monitor energy.
Schneider Electric recognises the environmental impact of energy consumption by homes that are its single-largest consumers. As a trusted partner for more than 100 years, we are proud to offer builders home comfort solutions to help them overcome the challenge of creating sustainable homes of the future with seamlessly integrated technology and excellent aesthetic quality.