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Lexium 62 & Motors

Multi axis servo system and servo motors for PacDrive 3

Part of Lexium

Multi axis servo drives and servo motors from 0,95 to 24 kW for PacDrive based automation solutions

Lexium 62 & Motors
  • Features

    The Lexium 62 multi axis drive system provides answers to urgent question, how machine builders can counter increasing control cabinet space requirements and rising costs for mounting and cabling. The Lexium 62 series servo drives consist of single drives (1 axis) and double drives (2 axes) of the same size. In addition to this, safe drives are available, to manage via Sercos functions such as Safe torque off (STO), Safe stop 1 (SS1), Safe stop 2 (SS2), Safe operating stop (SOS),Safe direction indication (SDI), Safe limited speed (SLS) and Safe maximum speed (SMS).
    All of the single and double drives within a group share a single power supply. No backplane connections are required, and the modules can be coupled to the adjacent module in less than two minutes through a quick front connection with locking screws. This multi-axis approach Lexium 62 is decreasing the required cabinet space and the installation times in a sustainable manner.

    Lexium 62 multi axis servo systems can be controlled with all PacDrive 3 LMC motion controllers of the Pro/Pro2 and Eco series via Sercos communication. Power supply and drives are all equipped with electronic name plates. So the controller recognizes the drives and configures them automatically.

    Dynamic, highly efficient servo motors form the basis for servo solutions with Lexium 62. The Lexium SH3, MH3, and the SHS stainless steel servo motors cover a wide range of performance and flange sizes. All motors are equipped with electronic name plates, which is  making them an integral component of the PacDrive 3 automation system, too. 

    Universal, compact servo drives for multiaxis solutions

    Modular design consisting of single and double drives of the same size and shared power supplies for all drives
    50 % less cabinet space if comparing with market
    Software-compatible with integrated servo drives Lexium 62 ILM and stand alone servo drives Lexium 52
    Single drives with peak current from 6 to 130 A
    Double drives with peak current from 2 x 6 to 2 x 27 A
    Power supplies with peak current 20A/84 A
    Safety input Inverter Enable (pursuant to EN/ISO 13849-1:2008)
    Safe Drives with advanced safety functionality

    Embedded safety functions STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SMS integrated
    PLC open safe function blocks for easy software integration available
    Safe drives can be operated in mixed configurations with standard drives
    Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

    Front-side quick-connect for power, control voltage and DC bus, no backplane
    1 plug for all motor signals, tool free connection
    Fast connection to Sercos with short cable bridges
    Easy mechanical mounting/unmounting
    Easy commissioning, automatic motor detection


    Lexium 62 provides answers to urgent questions, how machine builders can counter increasing control cabinet space requirements and rising costs for mounting and cabling. The Lexium 62 multi axis drive system is fully software compatible with Lexium 52 stand alone servo drives and with the Lexium 62 ILM integrated servo modules. All together form the base for one of the most flexible servo drive solutions available on the market.
    The availability of safe drives with comprehensive safety functionality paves the way for fully embedded safety solutions with PacDrive 3, including distributed I/O, safe drives, and safe integrated servo motors for managing STO, SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SMS, all via Sercos.


    Lexium 62 multi axis servo drives meet the typical requirements of  production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly systems.

    • General machine control
    • Packaging machine automation
    • Material Handling


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