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PowerLogic ION9000

Advanced power quality meets unparalleled innovation

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With precision twice that of existing energy standards, the ION9000 redefines the standard for accuracy. It resolves power quality issues faster with patented disturbance tracking technology, and provides unique modularity designed to adapt to your changing energy needs, now and far into the future.

PowerLogic ION9000
  • Features

    As key components within an EcoStruxure Power system, ION9000 series power meters provide the flexibility and adaptability needed for today and for the IoT-enabled future. Third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy surpasses every key revenue metering standard, unlocking significant new savings for an innovative competitive edge. Simply open your web browser for comprehensive PQ analysis according to both EN50160 and IEEE519 standards.

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    Class 0.1S accuracyConnects to your future
    Class 0.1S accuracy  Connects to your future 
     Third-party certified at Class 0.1S, the ION9000 is the most accurate meter in existence today, unlocking significant new possibilities for energy savings for an innovative competitive edge. Its robust design and selection of high precision components (-25 to +70C and 3000m) is ideal for even the most demanding environments.
     The ION9000 provides the modularity you need for your rapidly changing IoT-enabled electrical network. Common components allow for easy ordering. I/O expansion modules enable flexible and customizable expansion that are critical for cost-effective growth as your network expands.
    Cyber-robustOnboard PQ analysis
    Cyber-robust  Onboard PQ analysis 
     It’s important to be as safe and secure as possible. Nearly 54% of companies suffered a cyber attack in the last year. The ION9000 is designed to align with your comprehensive grid cybersecurity policies. The ION9000 is designed to align with your comprehensive grid cybersecurity policies and helps minimize vulnerabilities to your critical power assets and systems. Connect via your web browser for full PQ analysis, easy-to-read analysis according to EN50160 and IEEE519 standards. Patented disturbance direction detection, extended waveform capture (0.5s pre-event data / 2.5s event data @1024 s/c) and high-speed RMS data capture for in-depth analysis of any PQ disturbance in your electrical system.
    Smart analysisTransient detection
    Smart analysis  High-speed transient detection 
     Connect to EcoStruxure Power edge control software for power quality analysis and system forensics. Graphical event analysis makes it easy to see what happened and provides context to quickly draw cause and effect conclusions. Knowing exactly what happened during an incident is vital for re-establishing normal operations as quickly and safely as possible.  High-speed voltage transients can impact a facility’s electrical system – stress electrical insulation and damage sensitive electronics, ultimately leading to poor performance, gradual breakdown, or abrupt failure – and disappear before they can be detected. The PowerLogic ION9000T detects and captures these impulsive and oscillatory transients with 10 MHz sampling (>100ns duration, 10kV) on 4 phase voltages, and provides a simplified event view based on analytics of the event.


    PowerLogic ION9000 meters help you with:

    • Safety: restore power efficiently while keeping people safe and processes operational. Ensure safe power recovery while switching utility feeds.
    • Reliability: avoid downtime by understanding root causes of acute or chronic power events, and prevent future occurrences. Increase lifetime of equipment, mitigating effects of poor power quality.
    • Efficiency: save money by reducing energy spend. Use actionable data to optimize operations, avoid peak demand or power factor penalties or errors in utility bills. Perform maintenance when and where it is needed.
    • Compliance: comply with local and international energy efficiency standards. Ensure regulatory compliance to operate and protect your business. Prepare your business for future cyber security regulations.

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