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Acti 9 Smartlink SI B

Monitor and control your large business electrical equipment via your supervision system

Part of EcoStruxure

Grow your energy monitoring of final loads anytime, anywhere with PowerTags. Providing you with the ability to control critical loads via BMS, the Acti 9 Smartlink SI B is a complete supervision system that encourages complete clarity and transparency between the panel builder and the BMS contractor.

Acti 9 Smartlink SI B
  • Features


    • Fast and easy to install, it helps to reduce wiring errors and troubleshooting time thanks to the prewired cabling.
    • Fully connected: benefit from being sent pre-alarms and alarms either over email or directly to the Facility Expert app ‘EcoStruxure™’.
    • Fully customise your alarms using BMS or directly from your Smartlink SI B.
    • The dedicated Acti 9 Smartlink embedded web pages allow you to easily configure any trip, overload pre-alarm or voltage loss alarm.
    • Fully open Modbus-over-Ethernet system that quickly collects all sorts of data from any digital inputs, breakers status, Outputs, contactors for control as well as any pulse counter.
    • Receive data from temperature, humidity and light sensors.
    • Full flexibility, allowing you to grow your load monitoring system the way you want to.
    • Make changes in your own time, either during the project implementation, or at a later date.
    • Upgrade any installation with additional monitoring quickly and easily with the PowerTag Energy sensors.
    • Should Government energy regulations change, you can easily add more metering at a later date to each final load, helping to keep your system fully compliant.
    • PowerTag wireless energy sensors work to collect rich and accurate data from your system and Modbus meters, allowing you to accurately monitor all the critical loads without making compromises on data quantity or quality.
    • Simple to commission into a BMS with clear limits of responsibilities between project actors.
    • Allows the panel builder to easily test every system connection, whether they are ethernet, modbus or wireless before generating a detailed test report.
    • Know exactly when the panels are ready for full integration into building management systems with accurate reporting.
    • Full integration with Acti 9 Communication System, providing constant high levels of monitoring and control.
    • Possibility to combine one Ethernet version with modbus slaves, allowing for as many inputs as required on large installations.
    • Combine with Acti 9 Smartlink SI D for switchboards which require no monitoring.
    • Benefit from native integration to COMX510 to access energy dashboards at building level, SpaceLynk for simple and straightforward scheduling or SBO automation server for a Schneider-Electric Building system.


    Get the control you need quickly with the easy to install Acti 9 Smartlink SI B. Suitable for a wide range of new and existing buildings, the supervision system is fully connected, open and flexible, allowing you to scale your load monitoring system with ease.

    • Acti 9 SmartlinK SI B is simple to install, commission in new or existing buildings.
    • It is easily connected to your BMS, your mailbox, or your EcoStruxure™ smartphone app.
    • It is open, flexible and scalable, allowing you to grow your monitoring at your own pace.


      Effortlessly monitor all your electrical equipments with the complete supervision system. Helping you to keep an eye on the essential components of your business, you will also be able to improving efficiency levels and cut down on costs.

      • Easy monitoring of all your electrical equipments with rich and accurate data.
      • Provides you with the opportunity to improve energy efficiency.
      • Cost allocation and remote-metering.

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