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    Distributed Energy Resource Management System

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Optimizing distributed energy resources.
Increasingly the need to be more proactive in the way companies consume, store, produce energy, and take advantage of various utility programs such as feed-in tariffs and demand response is driving up installations of Distributed energy resources (DER) in distribution networks. Consumers are now proactive energy producers as well as users.
  • Solutions

    StruxureWare Demand Side Operation is a cloud-based platform which allows managing DER energy flexibility. The platform uses predictive algorithms for forecasting when the end customer needs to produce, store or consume energy with DER. Utilities, by having access to this platform, can then participate in the way customers consume, produce, and store energy, in order to maximize the grid reliability, environmental footprint, and economical optimization. Each controllable load or generation resource is connected to a DER box on the customer site. A VPN connection is then established between the customer site and the cloud-based StruxureWare Demand Side Operation platform.
  • Value Proposition

    • Coordinate access to your customers’ DER flexibility via StruxureWare Demand Side Operation.
    • Help your customer in consuming, producing, and storing electricity when it is the most optimal.
    • Set up Demand Response programs and gain access to customer energy flexibility, using OPEN ADR protocol.
    • Provide your customer with a solution that can maximize their energy reliability, reduce their environmental footprint, and reduce their energy cost.
  • Differentiation

    Fast and Flexible - Software as a Service.
    • Direct access to dynamic information like weather forecast information, changing electricity tariffs.
    • Easy and inexpensive to maintain.
    • Access to Schneider Electric Helpdesk.
    • Possibility to benchmark against other facilities – to leverage best practices.
    Secure via VPN connection.
    Advanced forecasting for predicting and optimizing a customer’s DER usage.
    Open ADR capability and member of OPEN ADR Alliance.
    • Demand response requests and acknowledgement.
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StruxureWare Demand Side Operation is a cloud based platform where customer needs and utilities needs converge. SW DSO helps the end customer to know when to consume, store or produce energy. This optimization, which is done with 24h ahead forecast, can be done by taking into account weather forecast, utility’s tariff rate, customer’s process constraints, and available demand response opportunities. Thanks to an OPEN ADR protocol and web services, StruxureWare Demand Side Operation facilitates interactions between the end customer and the utility, in order to maximize grid reliability, integration and management of DER, and the economical optimization of grid assets.


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    For the end user:
    Maximizing reliability, energy bill savings and environmental footprint reduction
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    For the utility:
    Having access to increased DER flexibility located on the demand side
    More reliability, savings, and easier integration of DER