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    Forecast and control generation. Balance supply and demand.

    Power Control System (PCS)

    Forecast and control generation. Balance supply and demand.

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Electric utilities facing a multitude of challenges: limited generation to supply increasing energy demand, growing regulatory and customer pressure for greater reliability and lower carbon emissions, and increased adoption of variable, distributed renewable generation and energy storage. The convergence of these challenges has created a need for a comprehensive generation forecasting, monitoring and control system.
  • Solution

    Schneider Electric’s Power Control System (PCS) provides functions for automatic generation control , load forecasting, renewables forecasting, economic dispatching, interchange transaction scheduling, unit commitment, and load shedding.
  • Benefits

    • Enables the most economical generation operations in the presence of highly variable renewables 
    • Allows utilities to best balance load and generation 
    • Provides reserve optimization and control of demand response options
  • Advantages

    • Deep and proven knowledge of full-scale utility operations and control 
    • Advanced forecasting, monitoring, control, and optimization 
    • Strong integration with SCADA, DRMS and Weather Forecasting Systems
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Our PCS solution represents the evolution of forecasting and generation control technology with integrations to SCADA and weather forecasting systems. PCS allows you to co-optimize scheduling and dispatch of conventional supply resources, distributed generation, and demand-side resources, enable better control of inadvertent interchanges, and reduced reliance on external generation.


  • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
    • Improve power supply reliability by preventing disturbances in frequency and power flow 
    • Shave peak power demands and peaks in power generation
  • Upward angle view of the Solar Panels with sun shining in background, energy solar, Renewable Energy.
    • Minimize electrical power production cost 
    • Minimize electric system operating cost
  • Power substation, electric power distribution, power management.
    • Optimize use of reserves 
    • Extend equipment lifetime
  • A field filled with Power generating windmills
    • Improve operation efficiency through short-term and long-term planning
    • Achieve the most economic and sustainable energy supply portfolio