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    An ADMS solution application.

    Work Order Management (WOM)

    An ADMS solution application

Electrical worker repairing lines, electrical power distribution.


You need to get more from your system investments, help crews work more efficiently, and cut operating costs. There’s growing pressure for work management, but streamlining field operations is easier said than done. Mapping and asset information are critical, while infrastructure data must remain secure and reliable in order to protect customers, the public, and crews.
  • Solution

    Work Order Management (WOM) is an analytical function for managing switching procedures and all activities related to planned maintenance work, relevant work/safety documents, data storage and requested reports and displays.
  • Key benefits

    • Improve field access to current work assignments.
    • Provide field crews with access to work requests, switching plans, incidents, and safety documents.
    • Enable crews to perform operations such as planned switching and incident response.
    • Enhance communications and coordination between the control center and crews.
  • Advantages

    • Empowers field crews and makes communication between crews and the control room more efficient, structured, and reliable
    • Integrated with Schneider Electric’s ADMS solution
    • Based on our knowledge of advanced power operations solutions
Electric utility substation at sunrise, electric power distribution, electric utilities.


Our advanced smart grid solutions empower your utility’s transition into a next-generation energy provider by enabling safer, more reliable, and more efficient power management.


  • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.
    • Ensure more structured and reliable communication between crews and the control room.
    • Better manage work orders, switching plans, incidents, and safety documents.
  • Electrician working on transformer, electrical power distribution.
    • Provide field crews with mobile access to work orders.
    • Perform operations including planned switching and incident response.