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    Weather for Public Works

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      WeatherSentry® Transportation Edition

      Weather impacts every area of your operations, from storm preparation to crew scheduling, snow fighting to roadwork. WeatherSentry® Transportation Edition quickly and clearly provides accurate information for everyday operations and major weather events, helping to better mitigate risks, cut costs, and maximize resources. WeatherSentry® Transportation Edition
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      With RoadCast, available on WeatherSentry Online® Transportation Edition, you can incorporate accurate pavement temperature forecasts into your anti-icing program — with or without a Road Weather Information System (RWIS). RoadCast®
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      Schneider Electric TotalView™

      Our Total View solution brings together essential weather information, plus your real-time runway information systems — all on a single screen for faster, better-informed decisions. Schneider Electric TotalView™
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      MDSS for Winter Road Maintenance
      White Paper

      Agencies charged with maintaining optimal road conditions face many weather-related decisions. Schneider Electric’s Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) integrates weather and pavement forecast data with maintenance best practices to provide treatment recommendations that help manage adverse weather. MDSS for Winter Road Maintenance
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      Schneider Electric Total View™ Solution
      White Paper

      See how transportation agencies across the country are benefiting from weather forecasts and RWIS information all on a single interface. Schneider Electric Total View™ Solution
  • Case Studies

    City of Fayetteville

    Learn how this Arkansas community employs Schneider Electric's unique weather and pavement forecast solution to help prepare for freezing rain, ice, or snow, in order to ensure safer roadways. City of Fayetteville Case Study

    City of Springfield

    Find out how this Massachusetts city’s public works team uses Schneider Electric's top-rated weather forecasts and unique weather management tools to improve weather-related decisions, cut costs, and maximize resources. City of Springfield Case Study

    City of St. Charles

    Learn how this Chicago suburb trusts Schneider Electric's reliable weather observations and forecasts to support winter road maintenance decisions, such as salting and scheduling. City of St. Charles Case Study

    Illinois DOT

    Learn how this state department of transportation uses Schneider Electric’s high-quality, real-time weather information out in the field to support proper maintenance and scheduling decisions. Illinois DOT Case Study

    Iowa DOT

    Find out why the Iowa Department of Transportation chose Schneider Electric’s independently rated most-accurate precipitation and temperature forecasts to manage its more than 24,000 lane miles of roads. Iowa DOT Case Study

    Missouri DOT

    See why this state department of transportation chose WeatherSentry Online® Transportation Edition and Roadway Weather Information System (RWIS) to improve operations and salt applications across its rural highways and urban freeways. Missouri DOT Case Study

    Mt. Prospect Public Works

    Find out why this Illinois public works department chose Schneider Electric’s real-time weather alerts and forecasts to help maintain its 165 miles of roadways year-round. Mt. Prospect Public Works Case Study

    Village of Oswego

    Oswego uses Schneider Electric weather solutions to stay on top of their weather concerns for its roads, and to alert crews and law enforcement of potential hazards. Village of Oswego Case Study
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    • Schneider Electric Meteorological Operations

      See how Schneider Electric produces the independently-rated most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts in the industry.
    • Schneider Electric's MDSS Solution

      To keep winter roads safe, more and more public works departments are relying on a maintenance decision support system (MDSS), which integrates pavement and weather forecasts, RWIS information, and treatment recommendations.

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