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    Weather for Sports

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      WeatherSentry® Sports Edition

      From play, delay, and cancel decisions to high-profile event planning to ensuring fan and player safety, WeatherSentry Sports Edition provides fast, accurate information for all kinds of sport teams and outdoor recreation. WeatherSentry® Sports Edition
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      Lightning Safety Solutions for Sports
      White Paper

      Lightning poses a very real threat to your athletes.  In this white paper, we discuss what lightning is, the pros and cons of commonly used lightning alerting systems, and guidelines teams are using for greater safety. Lightning Safety Solutions for Sports
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      The Impact of Weather Volatility on Game Interruptions
      White Paper

      The climate is changing and extreme weather events are becoming increasingly more frequent. Sports officials need a clear view of current conditions and an accurate understanding of how forecasted weather will impact their event. The Impact of Weather Volatility on Game Interruptions
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      Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Thresholds
      White Paper

      Heat stress is a common challenge to athletes and a significant safety issue for their trainers, coaches and managers. Wet bulb globe temperature is a composite temperature indicator, calculated using a formula that factors the effect of temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation on humans. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Thresholds
  • Case studies

    Frisco Independent School District

    Located in north Texas, Frisco is one of the fastest growing school districts in the nation. Find out how the district uses Schneider Electric's accurate, easy-to-use lightning safety solution to protect its student athletes. Frisco Independent School District Case Study

    Lonestar College Athletic Conference

    Lone Star Athletic Conference, affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, includes 11 Division II universities in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Learn how WeatherSentry Online® supports greater safety at its schools and conference events. Lonestar College Athletic Conference Case Study

    Red Oak Independent School District

    Located 23 miles south of Dallas, Red Oak School District’s high school has approximately 500 students that participate in outdoor sports. Learn how WeatherSentry Online®, including its unique online consulting service, supports the district in making sports safety and scheduling decisions. Red Oak Independent School District Case Study

    Seattle Seahawks

    The Seattle Seahawks play home games at a stadium seating up to 72,000 people. Find out how the team gets a more complete view of the weather by integrating accurate forecasts with actual real-time conditions for their exact field, with a Schneider Electric on-site weather station. Seattle Seahawks Case Study

    Wayzata Public Schools

    Located just west of Minneapolis, the nationally-recognized Wayzata School District serves more than 10,500 students. See how Schneider Electric's advanced weather intelligence helps to protect students and staff from Minnesota’s extreme weather. Wayzata Public Schools Case Study
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    • Schneider Electric Meteorological Operations

      See how Schneider Electric produces the most accurately weather intelligence in the industry.
    • Weather Stations for the Sports Industry

      Discover how professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams are benefiting from on-site weather stations that provide hyper-local forecasts for their exact fields.
    • Schneider Electric Lightning Safety Solution

      Learn how to protect athletes and fans with a complete lightning safety solution.

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