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    Security Integration

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    Securing people and assets is mission critical to the success of any organization. Businesses need to comply with security regulations, reduce risk, mitigate liability, protect revenue streams, and reduce operating costs and insurance premiums.
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    Our Security Solutions

    Scale your system, from simple to enterprise-wide
    • Access Control

      Protect your people, facilities, and assets with permissions-based access control to defined security zones. Find out more
    • Video Surveillance

      Identify, track, and respond to events immediately with real-time alarm and forensic tools. Find out More
    • Security Management

      Drastically reduce overall costs while ensuring optimal security with clear, actionable information. Find out more
    • Integrated Smart Buildings

      Get the best possible ROI with a single-view system that integrates building, energy, and security management. Find out more

    Value Proposition

    • Default Alternative Text A single user-friendly dashboard Shared infrastructure lowers installation and expansion costs and can integrate security with other building systems. Our seamless security integration delivers a more comprehensive view of your security landscape.
    • Puzzle icon Security integration creates more effective solutions. Combining video data with other security systems can drive decision making, policy development, and compliance. Data from multiple sources shown in a single incident view can save critical time and reduce liability exposure.