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All the quality information is the subject of a file "Syyww.pdf" where "yy" corresponds to the year and "ww" at the week of creation. Problem Document (EN/FR). Associated documents -When the current level on the Io analogue input exceeds approx. 77 Ino, Sepam detects a "major fault" and shutdown. S0412.pdf update_sep40_V2.10.exe Implementation of logic discrimination for the protection of substations supplied by 2 parallel incomers using Sepam series 40 T42 S0239.pdf Sepam series 40 logical equation editor S0217.pdf 51246847a.pdf Incorrect operation of S40 ou S41 type Sepam series 40 units. When the input I13 is allocated of switching of the groups of settings (group A or group B) S0213.pdf Incorrect operation of Sepam series 20 and series 40 display module (DSM) SO212_E.pdf 51247192EN.pdf Storage and commissioning conditions Sepam series 20 and 40 S0150.pdf Incorrect operations of "Print" function with the operating system software Windows 95 ou 98. S0143.pdf The serial link failure between the P.C. and the Sepam series 40 front face. S0137.pdf The ""time delay stop/start"" (T) of the 66 protection function (starts per hour) is reset to 0. After modification with the SFT2841of the control matrix. The fault occurs with Sepam Series 40, application M41only. S0436.pdf







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