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Adding the 170ADM85010 and 170ADO83030 I/O bases to the module pick list in Concept.

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to illustrate the steps necessary to add the 170ADM85010 and 170ADO83030 I/O bases.

Causes and Fixes

The attached MDC files will be needed to add these modules. Put the MDC files in the Concept root directory and remove the .txt file extension.
Once this is done, launch the ModConnect Tool from the Programs menu as seen below:
Once the ModConnect tool is running, Choose "Open Installation File"
Choose the appropriate MDC file from the window shown below:
The next window will allow the user to choose which modules are added. Choose "Add All"
The tool will then show the added modules:
The tool can be closed. When Concept is launched, these bases will be available from the pick list for Momentum bases.

NOTE: This procedure must be done on every computer where the project will be used. If it is not done on a computer where the project is used, the Momentum controller will not run the project and will come up with a 4000h error code.

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