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What is the purpose of LED indicator on PM2125 meter ?

The LED indicators alert or inform you of meter activity.

Alarm / energy pulsing LED:

The alarm / energy pulsing LED can be configured for alarm notification or energy
When configured for alarm notification, this LED blinks every one second indicating
that a high, medium or low priority alarm is tripped. The LED provides a visual
indication of an active alarm condition or an inactive but unacknowledged high
priority alarm.
When configured for energy pulsing, this LED flashes at a rate proportional to the
amount of energy consumed. This is typically used to verify the power meter’s

Heartbeat / serial communications LED:

The heartbeat / serial communications LED blinks to indicate the meter’s operation
and serial Modbus communications status.
The LED blinks at a slow, steady rate to indicate the meter is operational. The LED
flashes at a variable, faster rate when the meter is communicating over a Modbus
serial communications port.
You cannot configure this LED for other purposes.

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