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PME2020-FLM Installation Error: \Data1.cab has an invalid digital signature

Product /System/Environment information
FLM (or older versions)

Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file ...\FloatingLicenseManager\Data1.cab has an invalid digital signature. This might indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. Error 266 was returned by WinVerifyTrust

Root Cause
Verisign cert missing/invalid/expired on the PME Server computer which throws off the install for Floating License Manager.
This can happen on machines that are not connected to the internet

Proposed Solution
  • Verify the FLM and LM are downloaded from a trusted link
  • Floating License Manager uses Digital Certificates which is issued by Symantec.
  • (Right click on Floating License Manager exe -> Properties -> Digital Certificate
It should look like below(If the digital signature is not OK, it could be the root certificate is not valid, a way to confirm is not a corrupted file is by opening checking the file on another PC):
  • Symantec certificate shows that this cert is issued by Verisign. (control panel -> internet options -> Content -> Certificates -> Intermediate Certificate Authority)
  • If you detect issues, manually install the certificate. (Usually, work with IT customer support to address this kind of issues)

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