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How to enable NTP time synchronization for Security Expert SP-C Controller?

Automatically synchronize SP-C controller time with NTP time servers.

EcoStruxure Security Expert, SP-C

​Consistent date and timestamping across a network is critical for system wide access control, security, communications, scheduling, alarms, and events. Follow below steps to enable SP-C time synchronization:
  1. In Security Expert, navigate to Sites>> controllers and select the SP-C controller.
  2. In time update tab, enable "Automatically Synchronize with an Internet Time Server" option to automatically synchronize the controller with an internet time server. You can also configure Security Expert machine to be an NTP server, check this KB article: https://community.exchange.se.com/t5/Building-Automation-Knowledge/Setting-up-a-Local-Internal-NTP-Server-to-allow-time/ta-p/1508
  3. Enter in the details of primary and secondary SNTP time servers.
  4. Enter you time zone then click save.

Note: When using a Time Server, the time provided is always in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) which has no time zone and is not subject to any daylight saving time rules. This means that you must correctly configure the Time Server, the time zone that the controller is operating in, and the daylight savings settings for NTP to work correctly. Failure to configure any of these things will result in the time being inaccurate.

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