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How BPFE in Masterpact can assure the safety requirements requested ?

Problem: BPFE closing requirements to be met.

Environment: Masterpact - BPFE

Resolution: The BPFE option (Electrical closing pushbutton) is always associated to a XF-Com coil. When the BPFE is adapted on the circuit breaker, the transparent cover VBP is adapted to protect access to the closing pushbutton of the circuit breaker. The way to close the breaker will be mainly by the BPFE push-button. This means that if all safety conditions are met, the customer control/monitoring system of the installation will energize the XF through the wiring A3-A1. Closing the breaker will be possible by supplying terminals A3-A1 of the XF-com coil. This should happen before pressing the BPFE option.

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