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what is replacement for LC1D8011M7 ?

LC1D8011M7 is replaced by LC1D80M7

How to to unlock the drive using master reset password for ATV310 ?

1. Go to the 999. Press Enter. ON will be displayed ( meaning drive is password protected and hence access to FULL menu and factory reset is not permissible) 2. Rotate jog dial clockwise and set...

Which trip unit in MCCB achieve LSI protection

1-For Compact NSX: the required trip unit with adjustable Long time protection (L)and short time protection(S) with instantaneous protection (I) can be achieved with Micrologic 2 trip unit taking...

A 415V motor, class F insulation with dv/dt capability of 1 KV/μS, Can can...

Generally the motor with Class F insulation is considered as VFD graded motor, but it is specified that the dV/dT withstand capacity is 1 KV/μS. Hence we can not consider this motor as VFD graded...

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What is meant by Symmetrical and Asymmetrical breaking currents?

issue: Customer wants to know the value of the symmetrical and asymmetrical breaking current of the circuit breaker and what do they mean. Environment: Circuit Breaker Resolution: - Symmetrical...

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