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Spacial HF

Steel enclosures with reinforced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Tested solution for Industrial and electronic applications requiring EMC protection

Spacial HF
  • Features

    For sensitive applications requiring EMC protection, Schneider Electric offers electromagnetic shielded enclosures

    • What is electromagnetic shielding ?
      Electromagnetic Compatibility (E.M.C.) is the ability of a piece of equipment to operate in its electromagnetic environment without being disturbed, and without disturbing neighbouring equipment or radio services by Electromagnetic Interference (E.M.I.).
    • Why use shielded enclosures ?
      Depending on the application and the intended environment, shielded enclosures can be used for :
      - reducing the electromagnetic field emitted by a piece of equipment to make it compliant with radiated emission standards,
      - reducing the ambient electromagnetic field received by the circuits inside a piece of equipment to make it compliant with radiated immunity standards.
    • Our solutions :
      Schneider Electric has developed dedicated watertight enclosures to house sensitive electronic and communications equipment. As our enclosures offer high levels of IP protection, the internal components will be protected against liquid and dust.
    • Our range : 
       - Spacial S3HF steel wall-mounting enclosure: 9 models available for Spacial S3HF enclosures from 400x300x200 to 1200x800x300
      - Compact Spacial SMHF steel floor-standing enclosure: 4 models available for compact Spacial SMHF from 1800x800x400 to 2000x800x600
      - Suitable Spacial SFHF steel floor-standing enclosure: 12 models available for suitable Spacial SFHF from 1800x600x600 to 2200x800x800
      - ClimaSys HF solution (thermal)


    Customer benefits :

    • 3 solutions for EMC constraints: wall-mounting enclosures and compact or suitable floor-standing enclosures  with a wide range of dimensions
      Multi-purpose watertight enclosures: wide range of common accessories to fit all your applications
      EMC thermal solutions: take advantage of our thermal expertise 
    • Take advantage of our customisation services (machining, painting, mounting of accessories …)

    Technical argument :

    • Special body and door gasket (IP + EMC) providing both environmental protection and continuity between the door and body of the enclosure. 
    •  Aluzinc® Steel : the presence of 55% aluminium on the surface of the metal sheet ensures good reflection of electromagnetic waves.
       Aluzinc® is a steel substrate coated on both sides with an aluminium-zinc alloy. The composition of the coating is: aluminium (55%), zinc (43.4%) and silicon (1.6%). The coating is applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanising process.
       Advantages of Aluzinc® include :
        - Good corrosion resistance
        - Good abrasion resistance
        - Excellent thermal reflectivity
    • The enclosures are painted externally, but not internally, using epoxy-polyester paint, RAL 7035 colour.


    The Spacial HF EMC enclosures range provides a shielded alternative for Test Instrumentation, Industrial Controls & Electronic applications.

    These solutions are more suitable for military and hospital areas and chemical and food-processing industries.

    Main sources of electrical interference and equipment sensitive to it

    • Programmable controllers.
    • Electronic circuits or boards.
    • Regulators.
    • Input signal cables (detectors, sensors, measurement probes).
    • Analogue signal cables.


    • Spacial S3HF EMC enclosures
    • Spacial SMHF compact floor standing EMC enclosure

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