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Ampla Express

Ampla Express

Enabling energy management in the production environment

Ampla Express
  • Features

    Ampla Express, built on Schneider Electric’s leading operation management software equips you with theinformation you need to achieve your energy KPIs. The software is designed to assist in the optimization ofenergy usage and production processes.
    Two applications of Ampla Express are available - Ampla Express: Insights™ and Ampla Express: OEE+E™(Overall Equipment Effectiveness + Energy).
    The Insights option is designed to provide users with a complete, meaningful representation of energy usage inthe production environment.
    The OEE+E module combines OEE, a well understood metric that can assist in the optimization of productionprocesses, with an energy component to maximize the effectiveness of your assets.

    Features at a Glance:

    Improve process efficiencies

    The continuous improvement of process efficiencies within a plant is a key component of effective energymanagement. Ampla Express: Insights provides an accurate overall picture of a plant’s inputs and outputs,including materials, consumables, energy, waste, emissions, reject and product output without thetime, problems and costs often associated with manual data entry. This information can then be used bymanagement to help them make better, timely and more informed decisions for improved process efficiencies.

    Calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Actual production process performance can be mapped in order to set KPIs and viewed on a graphicaldashboard display. The dashboard shows instant measurements such as performance, total CO2-e, CO2-e peroutput unit, total cost per kWh, kWh cost per output unit etc. Additionally, Ampla Express: Insights can showthe trend of these measures over time so that management can gauge the impact of improvement initiatives oroperational changes.

    Optimize OEE

    Understanding OEE enables managers to optimize production processes. It facilitates the benchmarking of keyproduction metrics, such as availability and performance, that, when influenced, can improve productionefficiency.
    Availability considers actual operating time as a percentage of planned production time. Performance takes intoaccount the rate of production, that is, actual units produced in a given time frame, compared with expectedproduction.

    Stabilize energy usage

    Ampla Express: OEE+E enables operations managers to make continuous energy improvements by analyzingenergy usage over production output. This is facilitated by setting energy efficiency as a KPI that comparestarget energy consumption with actual consumption. In addition, it links energy usage with actual consumptioncauses. With this information, it is possible to identify new savings opportunities, stabilize energy usage, ordernew equipment and improve operating procedures. By reporting on energy overconsumption events, AmplaExpress: OEE+E breaks down complex issues into common causes and helps managers to achieve maximumasset optimization.
    Ampla Express can be commissioned in a very short timeframe. Pre configured templates mean that manualengineering time is drastically reduced.
    Our SCADA & MES Global Support offers exclusive online technical support for support customers. Pleasecontact your local Schneider Electric Representative for more information on these great benefits.



    • Accelerate energy based decisions.
    • Manage energy consumption.
    • Identify opportunities to reduce energy wastage.
    • Continuous improvement in efficient energy consumption.

    OEE + E:

    • Gauges OEE and displays it as a KPI for monitoring and improvement. When combined with theadditional energy-related knowledge, asset optimization is achievable.
    • Connects to multiple plant and business systems, collects required data and presents it as easy-tounderstand,real-time intelligence for productivity analysis, data mining, querying and reporting.
    • Tracks OEE with energy overconsumption events in the same context.
    • Is a simplified, application that can easily integrate with existing automation architectures.



    • Combines power and energy data.
    • Near real-time power monitoring capabilities.
    • Tracks energy costs using utility model rates.
    • Automatic near real-time logging for an accurate production picture.
    • Single point of entry for manually entered production values to reduce errors.v
    • Graphical dashboard display to visually present KPIs, trends etc.
    • Compliant with industry standards, (ISA-95, OPC, B2MML).

    OEE + E:

    • Reduce plant stoppages.
    • Identify and account for ‘hidden’ slow running events.
    • Reduce production inefficiencies.
    • Increase asset utilization and equipment uptime.
    • Decrease overall cost per production unit.
    • Identify bottlenecks and deliver data on variations and stoppages.
    • Reduce energy consumption.
    • Identify energy reduction opportunities by analyzing energy consumption data in production contextssuch as operating crews, product lines, material grades and recovery rates.
    • Identify potential energy waste conditions by capturing, summarizing and visualizing root causes.
    • Make better informed decisions on viable energy savings using validated energy data.

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