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Wind Power Forecasts

Trained forecasts for wind farms

Proven, highly-accurate forecasts to support your power scheduling and trading.

Wind Power Forecasts
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    • Trained forecasts for each wind plant, seven days out in 10-minute increments, updated every hour
    • Provides the highest possible forecast accuracy out to seven days
    • Employs proprietary statistical and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques
    • Can support intra-day market requirements with an additional five-minute resolution forecast for the next two-hour timeframe
    • Uses real-time observations and today’s top weather models to continuously adjust near-term wind power forecasts
    • Forecasts are being delivered for more than 130 GW of installed wind generation capacity worldwide
    • Probabilistic (low and high probability) forecasts help you better understand forecast uncertainty and risk
    • Delivered by our fast, reliable FTP delivery system for integration into your own systems, or can be easily viewed in a robust user interface that accompanies the forecasts


    With the optimized accuracy and availability of our wind power forecasts,
    you can:

    • Improve plant scheduling and dispatch
    • Integrate a higher percentage of renewable wind energy
    • Reduce operating reserve costs and requirements
    • Avoid or minimize system operator imbalance penalties
    • Improve market trading performance and revenue


    Whether your utility owns or off-takes wind power, or your focus is on power marketing, the economical integration of wind power forecasts can help you better manage generation commitments and boost your bottom line. At Schneider Electric, we offer vital, proven wind power forecasts for anywhere in the world. By supporting better-informed power scheduling and trading decisions, our forecasts can help provide you with maximum value and savings.

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