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Acti 9 iPRC, iPRI

Surge Protection Devices for Telecom & IT Networks

Part of 9 Series

Surge Arresters for Digital Networks either for Measuring Instruments (iPRI) or for Analogue Telephone Line Protection (iPRC)

PRI - Din rail communication network surge arrester
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    The protection of telecommunication lines is very often neglected.

    However, the most recurrent physical damage is that suffered by telecommunications equipment affected by transient overvoltages.

    These Acti 9 iPRC, iPRI Surge Protection Devices are designed to meet this need for protection and contribute to improving the continuity of service of electrical installations.

    Incoming protection prevents disturbances from penetrating into the home and causing the destruction of very sensitive electric devices or the pre-mature ageing of cable insulation.

    Acti 9 iPRC
    •  Analogue or digital series-mounted telephone line d1 protection
    •  Compatible XDSL (including ADSL)
    •  Imax: 18 kA
    •  Uc: 185 V DC and 130 V AC, with Imax. 450 mA
    Acti 9 iPRI 48 V
    • Can be used on any DC or AC low current line: supply, analogue signals, binary state of the sensors, digital data, etc.
    • Protection of 4 lines with a common 0 V or 2 electrically independent lines
    • Imax: 10 kA
    • Uc: 53 V DC and 37 V AC with Imax: 300 mA
    Wonder how to prevent the destruction of sensitive devices in your home during a storm?
    To download  this Application file click here


    Acti 9 iPRC, iPRI Surge Protection Devices, compliant with IEC 60364-4-443 and 5-443 bring :
    • Simplicity
    • Savings 
    • Wiring ease
    • Protection of the entire installation
    • Reinforced safety of persons and equipment 
    • Protection against nuisance tripping


    Surge Protection Devices for Telecom & IT Networks are mandatory:
    • in case of overheadlines and if lightning density is Ng u 2.5
    • in case of presence of lightning rod (risk of direct impact).
    Sensitive electronic equipment is being installed more and more in residential buildings and requires protection against atmospheric voltage surges.

    Moreover, these loads, which are supplied with (230 V) power and via communication networks (telephone, video, etc.) must be followed by a surge arrester that is specific to each network.


    • PRI - Din rail communication network surge arrester

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