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Acti 9 Surge Protection Devices - SPDs

To save the system from different magnitudes of surge voltages, the capacity or magnitude of the surge arrester varies. The amplitude can range from a few millivolts to some ten thousand volts. Schneider Electric Nigeria comes with a series of surge protection devices that can be installed in the system to ensure protection from over or under voltage. To use this, install a plug-in, point-of-use electrical surge protector. The device can be plugged into a grounded electrical outlet or can be directly connected into the appliance. Lightning protective devices are developed, tested, and classified according to their international series of product standards, and they have defined surge protection functions and performance parameters to make them suitable for use with similar protection concepts.

  • Surge Protection Devices

    Every customer has a story. Their unforgettable moments, their comfortable space, their passion. Lightning can destroy all these moments. Schneider electric Surge Protection devices can protect these valuable memories. A single unit will protect the entire house.