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SM62DS33I406D2003 Picture of product Schneider Electric


SM62DS33I406D2003 Picture of product Schneider Electric

SM6-36 DM1A IAC16kA1s 630A CT200-400 5-5A T40 protection relay cubicle

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    range of product
    technology type
    Air insulated switchgear
    device short name
    product or component type
    internal arc protection
    16 kA 1 s
    Rated frequency (fr)
    50/60 Hz
    service voltage (Us)
    36 kV
    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (Up)
    170 kV peak
    Rated voltage (Ur)
    36 kV
    Rated normal current (Ir)
    630 A
    Inrush current
    20 kA 4250 Hz class 2
    rated short-time withstand current (Ik)
    16 kA 1 s
    Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage (Ud)
    70 kV 50 Hz for 1 min
    Rated short-circuit making current
    62.5 kA 50 Hz
    IEC 62271-200
    IEC 62271-100:2012
    GOST-R 52565:2006
    Primary current transformer
    200-400 A
    protection type
    HE36 surge arrester
    cable connection
    1 240 mm² bottom per phase
    pole distance
    250 mm phase to phase
    230 mm phase to earth
    creepage distance
    470 mm input/output
    400 mm phase to earth
    inter contact distance
    380 mm
    bus rated current
    630 A
    type of operator
    CS motor mechanism
    Spring return RI type manual circuit breaker
    provided equipment
    Current transformer (3)
    Voltage transformer (3)
    Heating resistor (1) 220 V AC 50 W
    number of contacts
    contacts type and composition
    2 NO + 3 NC SW
    1 NO + 1 NC ES
    mechanical interlocking
    Type 50
    type of keylock
    additional device type
    Protection relay SEPAM S40
    CB name
    CB installation
    CB operating position
    Lateral left hand side (B1)
    CB poles description
    CB rated switching sequence
    O - 0.3 sec - CO - 3 min - CO
    CB control type
    operating time
    < 50 ms opening
    < 65 ms breaking
    < 70 ms closing
    CB charging time
    15 s
    CB electrical endurance class
    CB rated interrupted current
    50 A C2 cable charging:
    400 A C2 single capacitor bank:
    400 A C2 back to back capacitor bank:
    net weight
    600 kg cubicle
    88 kg circuit breaker
    1000 mm cubicle
    365 mm A1 / B1 circuit breaker
    1260 mm C1 circuit breaker
    1220 mm cubicle
    1560 mm A1 / B1 circuit breaker
    565 mm C1 circuit breaker
    ambient air temperature for operation
    -5…40 °C
    ambient air temperature for storage
    -40…70 °C
    IP degree of protection