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Lexium Servo Drives and Motors

The Lexium Servo Drives and motors portfolio includes a wide variety of ranges with a power range up to 24 kW for independent or synchronised motion control. They can adapt to demand for high performance, power and simplicity of use in motion control applications.

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Lexium 32 & Motors

Servo drives and servo motors from 0.15 to 11 kW

Lexium Integrated Servo Drives

Lexium Integrated Servo Drives are used as decentralised drives in machine building. When combined with a Modicon Controller or a PLC, they can be used to create complex control system architectures simply and at minimum cost. The integrated drives can be equipped with an AC synchronous servo motor, a DC brushless motor or a stepper motor.
Lexium integrated servo drive

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Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS

Integrated drives for motion control


Lexium 32i

Integrated servo drive from 0.6 to 2.2 kW


Lexium ILT, ILP

Integrated drives with two-phase stepper motor

Lexium Robotics

Lexium Robotics offers a complete portfolio of robots to design a broad spectrum of pick and place or handling solutions. The offer includes single-axis and multi-axis cartesian robots, delta robots, and Cobots.
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Lexium MAX


Lexium TAS


Lexium CAS, CAR


Lexium PAS, PAD

Lexium Stepper Drives

The Lexium Stepper Drives include a wide selection of 2- to 3-phase ranges up to 19.7 Nm with high accuracy and high torque at low rotation speeds. Compact, the simplest to install and commission, Lexium Stepper Drives are designed to cover all applications, from simple to the most complex machines.

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Lexium SD3 & Motors

3-phase stepper drives and stepper motors


Lexium SD2 & Motors

2-phase stepper drives and stepper motors

Lexium Multicarrier Systems

The Lexium MC12 multi carrier is an innovative transport system for moving, positioning, or grouping objects in machines for discrete processes. Using the latest linear motion and digital twin technologies, it creates new freedom to design faster and more flexible machines with a smaller footprint.
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