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Envision a better energy and sustainability landscape. Sustainability metrics and supply data. Facility information. It's all there in one place. Then analyse and share reports with stakeholders for better collaboration. Finally, prioritise projects for improved performance and ongoing sustainability.

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Discover how Schneider Electric's sustainability consulting provided innovation at every level to make AEG a more profitable and sustainable company.
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1. What is energy management? 

Energy management involves planning, optimising, and controlling energy use in a systematic manner to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. Energy consulting plays a pivotal role in navigating complexities, addressing challenges, and devising tailored strategies that empower organisations to achieve these goals effectively.

2. Why energy management programmes are important? 

Energy management programmes are crucial as they help organisations identify opportunities to save energy, lower costs, and reduce the carbon footprint. Effective energy consulting guides strategic implementation, fostering sustainability and enhancing both financial and environmental performance.

3. How corporations benefit from energy management programmes? 

Corporations benefit from energy management programmes supported by sustainability software and energy consulting. They achieve cost savings, efficiency gains, and enhanced environmental stewardship, promoting sustainable business practices.

4. What are the challenges of energy management? 

Complexity, high initial costs, resistance to change, and lack of data are formidable challenges that organisations encounter when striving to implement effective energy management strategies. Expert energy consulting can provide guidance in overcoming these hurdles, optimising resource usage, and achieving sustainable cost savings.

5. Why use an energy consultant? 

An energy consultant plays a vital role in guiding through intricate challenges, enhancing operational efficiency, and identifying avenues for cost-saving through their expert energy consulting services.