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Building Cybersecurity to Protect your Business

The threat of cyber attacks against Building Management Systems is a growing concern both inside and outside of the buildings industry. EcoStruxure Building is backed by advanced cybersecurity and supports industry standard and IP-based open protocols to facilitate the secure exchange of data and analytics between critical buildings systems from both Schneider Electric and third-party providers.
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• Cybersecurity is embedded across our products and solutions and supported by our expert services
• Our comprehensive cybersecurity expertise spans IT and OT systems so you can present a united front to fight threats, maximize service continuity, boost reliability and performance, and achieve compliance


• Effective solutions adhere to standards and open protocols such as: BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, and KNX
• Support for industry standards and protocols provides seamless interoperability across the multiple systems and devices to provide an integrated view of building operations, such as heating, lighting, fire, security and access control.

Cybersecurity is in our product and software DNA


EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Software

Building Cybersecurity services

Buildings today have ever increasing connected systems, share data, and link to multiple networks. Effective cybersecurity is critical and requires specialized skills and experience to protect the integrity and resiliency of building operations.
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1. Cybersecurity and smart buildings   

As a smart building uses automated processes to control building operations like security, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other systems, it is important to keep buildings, people, and data safe and secure with building cybersecurity solutions. However, enhanced connectivity of the devices and greater digital surface area can make smart buildings vulnerable to cyberattacks. As a result, even the smallest data breach can quickly compromise buildings and networks. Moreover, the risk is constantly changing with technological advancements and the evolution of buildings. Thus, a cybersecurity strategy in buildings has become a must for building owners and operators.   

2. Smart building cybersecurity by Schneider Electric    

As the threat of cyberattacks in smart buildings increases, it has become a major concern to deal with. To combat such cyber risks, Schneider Electric offers cybersecurity embedded products and services. Our EcoStruxure Building platform has a secure and open integration framework backed by an advanced level of cybersecurity software, Connected Products, Edge Control, Apps, Analytics, and Services. It also supports IP-based open protocols and industry standards to facilitate the secure exchange of analytics and data between critical building systems from Schneider Electric as well as third-party providers.    

3. Benefits of cybersecurity in buildings   

Businesses and building owners can address the growing cyber threat by safely collecting, monitoring, and managing data from building management system devices. The significant benefits of deploying cybersecurity solutions in buildings include detection and prevention of cyberattacks, reduction of risk from emerging system vulnerabilities, and slashing building management system’s operating costs with the integration of automated system and revision level reporting.   

4. Cybersecurity challenges in buildings   

There are a few smart building cybersecurity challenges that need to be tackled to make smart buildings resilient and protect them from cyber threats. A few challenges include convergence and integration of information technology and operational technology, creating a cyber-resilient supply chain, hacking, phishing, etc. However, all these challenges can be easily taken care of by the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Building platform.