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Mine weather safety

Weather can negatively impact your operations, from affecting overall productivity and operational efficiency, to threatening crew safety and maintenance activities.
  • Solutions

    Weather management tools designed specifically for weather-sensitive mining businesses, enabling safer and more efficient operations:

    • Weather Forecast (Web services) - Reliable weather information delivered via web services
    • Weather Stations - Design and implementation of modular, flexible weather stations
  • Benefits

    With the right weather-related insights you can:

    • Ensure employee safety.
    • Increase productivity.
    • Improve production and maintenance scheduling.
    • Proactively deal with problems such as corrosion before they become a major issue.
  • Advantages

    • Lightning Manager® is a tool that monitors lightning strikes as they approach your mine and provides automatic alerts based on your custom advisory and warning zones.
    • Alert Manager® notifies you of significant weather changes. Set custom audio or visual alarms for lightning, precipitation, and other critical parameters.
    • Patented PrecipTimer® lets you know when rain will start and how long it will last. Its exclusive technology identifies your location and automatically monitors radar data for you.
    • Highly accurate, detailed local forecasts that are based on our proprietary forecasting system and which is managed 24/7 by our experienced meteorologists.


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    Protect employees
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    Enhance production scheduling
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    Optimize maintenance scheduling