Modicon M580 BMENUA0100 firmware history SV1.12

Refer to "Modicon M580 BMENUA0100 firmware history SV1.12.pdf" for further details. Intermediate firmware used to downgrade from SV 2.01 to SV 1.10 Our firmware is continuously reviewed and updated in order to maintain the highest level of quality of our products. Schneider Electric recommends to all customers to ensure that their installation is up to date with the newest firmware versions, to protect their infrastructures against cybersecurity threats and experience the best quality. For further information please visit the Schneider Electric Cybersecurity Support Portal:

Datum: 26 juli 2022 | Type: Firmware
Versie: SV 01.12
Besturingssystemen: Firmware
Documentreferentie: BMENUA0100_FIRMWARE_SV_01.12


Modicon M580 BMENUA0100 Firmware SV01.12 Integrity Verification Procedure.pdf
Modicon M580 BMENUA0100 firmware history 1.12.pdf