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If I have an older Magelis HMISTU855, can I purchase a new HMIS85 screen to replace the original screen?

Older Magelis HMISTU855 and HMISTU655 are not compatible with new HMIS65 and HMIS85 screens, respectively.
For Magelis HMISTU855 and HMISTU655, what year are they compatible with new replacement screens?

Product Line
Magelis/Harmony HMISTU

Physical Touchscreen HMI

Magelis HMISTU855 and HMISTU655 series had a sourced component change in 2012 (upgraded ROM from 16MB to 32MB) which meant that the HMISx5 (where x=6 for 3.5" and x=8 for 5.7") screens manufactured later than 2012 would not be compatible on HMISTU back modules manufactured before this change.

Therefore, HMISTU series back modules with dates of manufacture 2013 or newer will be compatible with HMIS65 and HMIS85 screens purchased now. Anything older would require replacement of both the screen and back module.

NOTE: The HMISCU family was released in 2013, so either the HMI65 or HMIS85 can be used interchangeably with any model of the HMISCU regardless of date of manufacture.

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