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TwidoPort 499TWD01100 Firmware Upgrade to v.2.7

The purpose of this resolution is to inform TwidoPort 499TWD01100 product users that the firmware has been upgraded to version 2.7.

Twidoport modules would randomly lose their IP address or go into Kernel mode and require user intervention to become operational again. A lost IP address could be recovered by power cycling the module. To recover from a Kernel Mode failure, a Telnet login would be required to put the module into Run.

Product Line
Twidoport 499TWD01100


This resolution affects all Twidoport 499TWD01100 Ethernet Bridges with a firmware version less than 2.7.

Version 2.7 fixes include:

    1. Enhanced broadcast storm protection to allow auto-recovery of the module without user intervention.
    2. Prevents the Twidoport from going into kernel mode or lose its IP address if it receives broadcast packets sizes greater than 512 bytes.
    3. The TwidoPort would crash to kernel mode when doing a firmware upgrade (from v.1.6) if the upgrade was done using the default IP address of the Twidoport. If version 2.7 or higher is already installed, the Twidoport can be updated using its default IP address.
    4. There was no method to determine the IP address of a Twidoport that was in kernel mode if the IP was not already known. A packet is now sent from the Twidoport with its IP address if its in kernel mode.

TWD01100v2_7B.zip contains the following files:
1. Kernelkiller.bin
2. Kernel.bin
3. App.out
4. Kernel Exec Twidoport Download Procedure v2_7B.doc


TWD01100v2_7B.zipTWD01100v2_7B.zip [232.12 KB]

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