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StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Obsolete DataLog and DataLogStamp tables not removed after ION_Data upgrade to new schema

Goals and Symptoms

Under some circumstances, during the ION_Data database upgrade that takes place during the software upgrade ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 -> StruxureWare Power Monitoring, the obsoleted database tables, DataLog and DataLogStamp, are not removed after all data has been transferred to the new DataLog2 table. This results in a database that potentially will be much larger than necessary, and possible some confusion for the end user. No errors are generated by the Installer, and the user has no indication that the obsolete tables remain. There is no data loss, however.

Causes and Fixes

This can happen if data has been deleted incorrectly from the database via direct manipulation using SQL Server Management Studio. Because there is no foreign key constraint between DataLog and DataLogStamp, it is possible to delete a range of records from DataLogStamp leaving behind any records in DataLog that reference the deleted records. The proper way to delete data from DataLog and DataLogStamp is to delete from DataLog first, followed by DataLogStamp. Because of these orphaned records, when the upgrade procedure does its check to make sure all data has been migrated, the check will fail, and the old tables will not be deleted.
To resolve this problem, simply use Management Studio to manually drop the tables. This can be done by right clicking on the table to be deleted, and choosing delete:


or alternatively, issuing a DROP Table DataLog, followed by a DROP Table DataLogStamp command in the query window. It would be wise to back up your database prior to making these manual modifications in case a mistake is made.

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