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Momentum High Speed counter (170AEC92000) sample application using the AEC DFB to configure a counter as a Period Meter (Mode 9) with internal time base.

Goals and Symptoms

This is a sample application which shows the Momentum High Speed Counter module configured as a Period Meter with the AEC DFB. The AEC DFB is bundled with Concept. This example was created using Concept V2.6 SR2.

Facts and Changes

This operating mode measures the duration of a period. To do this, the pulses are counted for the duration of the gate time. Various time bases can be selected according to the duration of the period. There are 5 time bases available, from 1 microsecond to 10,000 microseconds (10 seconds) . This operating mode is used to acquire time measurement for process control.
Note: The time base should be chosen to achieve the desired accuracy and ensure the measuring capability of the counter is not exceeded.
Full as well as half periods can be measured depending on the process.
Full period means: the measurement of a series of pulses from positive to positive edge.
Half period means: the measurement of a series of pulses from positive to the next negative edge.

Causes and Fixes

This example shows how the AEC DFB block can be configured in Concept. This is a simple configuration showing the required parameters to enable Period Meter (Mode 9) with internal time base.


This example assumes that the module's Input and Output references are mapped starting at 30001 for inputs and 40001 for outputs via either the IO map, peer cop, or Ethernet IO Scanner configuration.

Note that not all of the input and output pins are used in this example. Depending on the customer's application, more input and output pins may be necessary.

All of the input variables have been assigned a value corresponding to the desired operating mode via the Reference Data Editor. In this case, the application is measuring a full period with a time base of 10,000 microseconds as denoted by the values of the parameter array registers. Also refer to the TSX Momentum 170AEC92000 User Guide (870USE00800) for more details regarding the configurable parameters.

This example assumes that the Counter 1 hardware enable on Row 1 Terminal 12 has been connected to +24vdc and all the additional wiring is correct. Please refer to the Momentum User Guide for details on the wiring.

Note: This example only shows configuration of Counter 1 on the 170AEC92000. If Counter 2 is required, then a second AEC DFB would have to be added and modified accordingly.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL172073 V2.0, Originally authored by MiRo on 12/16/2010, Last Edited by DaSo on 12/16/2010
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