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Switch up your style with PDL Iconic®

When it comes to building or renovating, homeowners want spaces that are designed to reflect their style in every way and make their lives easier. Give them the best of both worlds with the beautiful electrical accessories range from PDL Iconic, the new standard in modern living for every home.

The innovative PDL Iconic range offers switches and power points in a variety of designs and finishes to complement any interior.

PDL Iconic is also Bluetooth-enabled to offer the benefits of simple smart home connectivity without the need for any additional wiring.

So much more than just ordinary household objects to be added at the end of a project, the right switch gear is just as important to an overall interior look as paint choices, fittings and furnishings.

The three stylish collections from PDL Iconic let you create a seamless look or make a statement while adding clever functionality and value to a home – all in an easy-to-install future-proof package.

Simple stylish solutions

The award-winning PDL Iconic range has been developed by the Schneider Electric Design Labs and is based around a unique grid design with three ranges of ‘skins’ in different styles that can be clipped on and off.

Once the grids have been installed by an electrician, it’s easy for anyone to change the skins at any time to suit new décor, for a fresh look, or as new designs become available.

Original PDL Iconic: This range of skins offers unlimited flexibility with standard white and subtle colour variants to suit any interior décor. They are available with translucent edges that infuse with wall colours for a streamlined look.

PDL Iconic Styl: A sleekly luxurious design in durable anodised aluminium. It is available in three metallic finishes to add elegance, colour and modern simplicity to any home.

PDL Iconic Essence: Real birch timber is used in the smooth rounded edges of these skins, which are the perfect complement to the natural tones and use of wood in many interiors today. Iconic Essence is the way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside and is the ideal partner for popular Scandi and mid-century modern styling.

The stylish designs of PDL Iconic have already been recognised as industry-leading, with original Iconic winning Gold at the 2017 Best Design Awards and Iconic Styl receiving Silver at the same prestigious awards in 2019.

Smart features

PDL Iconic uses Bluetooth for simple and affordable smart home connectivity. This makes it ideal for home renovations or less complex builds as there’s no need for any additional wiring. It can link lights, dimmers and timers that can be controlled using the PDL Wiser Room app on a smartphone or tablet.

This functionality adds convenience, security and energy efficiency to a home as lights, or appliances like heated towel rails, can be scheduled to turn on or off at certain times each day.

The Iconic range can also be customised with optional LED backlighting – add a subtle LED to every light and power switch to show which ones are in use, or as locators in the dark. A range of stylish pictograms is available too, to add to switches for easy reference. 

PDL Iconic makes staying connected around the home simple with USB and USBC sockets as options, plus the SmartShelf to hold a tablet or up to two phones while charging. Up to six different connectors can be arranged in one Iconic plate to make connecting home computers, smart devices, TVs and audio equipment easy and streamlined.

Extra accessories like the Night Walk make life more comfortable for everyone. This plugs into an Iconic double power point and activates a subtle LED light to show the way in the dark when movement is detected. It’s ideal for lighting hallways or as a night light for children’s bedrooms.

PDL Iconic has it all

Clever functionality and stylish design make PDL Iconic the perfect partner for renovations or new builds. Add pleasure to the everyday experience of life at home with the quality range from the proudly kiwi brand, PDL by Schneider Electric.

Find out more about PDL Iconic here or contact your nearest electrical wholesaler.

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