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Can transient detection be added to an existing Series 4000 Circuit Monitor?

Is it possible to upgrade a CM4000 so it has transient detection

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Field Retrofit
Hardware upgrades

By default the CM4000 does not have transient detection.

Yes. The difference between a standard CM4000 and a CM4000T is firmware and removable module called a Current Voltage Module (CVM on the CM4000, CVMT on the CM4000T). The CVMT can be purchased separately to upgrade a CM4000 to a CM4000T. The CVMT kit includes all of the hardware, software, and instructions necessary to upgrade a standard CM4000 to a CM4000T. The CVMT kit includes the following: CVMT (Current Voltage Module for transient detection), CVMT Installation Instructions, Hardware kit (spade lugs), CM4000 Firmware upgrade CD (Includes circuit monitor firmware and the softwareDLF-3000 used to download the firmware), CM4000T instruction bulletin, CM4000 instruction bulletin (English, French, Spanish), CM4000 technical library CD, System Manager Software upgrade CD (if necessary).

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