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How to you connect Altivar ATV61 or Altivar ATV71 drives, on a motor with PTC Probe?

Connecting ATV61/ATV71 on a motor with PTC Probe.

Product Line:  
ATV61, ATV71


PTC Probe connected but not working.

LI6 is a discrete input with which you can switch between two modes: PTC probe and 24V DC.  In this case, the switch "SW2" has to be adjusted to "PTC" .
Thermal monitoring via PTC probes is provided on ATV61 drives by specific inputs. Common characteristics of these inputs:
  • Nominal value < 1.5 kohms.
  • This corresponds to a maximum of 6 probes (250 ohms at 20°C) or to two sets of 3 (sometimes prewired in the motors).
  • Trip resistance: 3 kohms. Reset value: 1.8 kohms. Short-circuit protection < 50 ohms
Location of the inputs:
  - Input LI6 on the terminal block, wire the PTC probes between terminals LI6 and 0V.  This input is seen as a PTC Input if switch SW2 at top of Control Terminal Card is set to PTC.

Note: The parameter Overload Fault Mgmt MUST be set to something other than NO. You need to set it to freewheel.

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