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Is the an Iconic Styl 3 position dolly rocker available?
There is no 3 position dolly rocker in available in Styl. The matching standard Iconic dolly will need to be used (PDL387A3T-xx)
Is there a stand alone indicator or pilot light mech available in the iconic range?
No there is no LED/Neon indicator module available in the Iconic range.
What is the available replacement for the LC1D803 ?
The code for the replacement contactor is LC1D80xx (xx is place holder for coil designator).
What is the part number for a 2 pole, 16A, D curve breaker?
The part number is A9F45216. This is rated 10kA.
What is the Clear Cover (Plug Cap) for 56AI532 appliance inlet
The code for the plug cap is PDL56PC. This is also suitable for the 56 series appliance inlets
600 series architrave power point with round earth
We have the following worktop sockets with round earth pins Single: PDL698RWH, H45 x W97mm Double: PDL699TBRWH, H45 x W167mm Note that the double...
What are the codes for the Iconic waterproof switches?
The code for the waterproof switch plates will be PDL38xVWP-VW. These come 1 to 4 gang and are only available in Vivid White.
What is the alternative for XS212BLPAM12?
The closest available option in New Zealand  is XS112B3PAM12
Is there a PDL681M16PBM available in black?
The PDL681M16PBMRDBK is no longer available for sale in New Zealand and there is no alternative to this.
What is the difference between a 568 and a 568CK?
568CK  - LOCKABLE ON AND OFF with Common Key (Standard garage door key coded 60121 - Supplied by most locksmiths) 568 - LOCKABLE ON AND OFF. This...
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