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How do I wire a PDL56SS10?
See attached document for wiring diagram.
What is the current range of the LV432081?
Long-time protection range of this trip unit is 160 - 400A.
Which communication protocol is used between a Compact NSX and display FDM121.
The communication protocol used between the Compact NSX and FDM121 display is Universal Logic Plug (ULP). This a Schneider Electric internal protocol.
What is meant by Thermal image in Compact NSX?
The model representing the conductor heat rise is constructed according to the calculation of a thermal image. It allows the thermal state of the...
What is meant by Load profile in Compact NSX.
The load profile is stored in a counter. The counter counts up the number of of operating hours per load section. Example: One counter indicates the...
What is the maximum allowable test voltage and time that can be applied to the Compact NSX MCCB during Dielectric Test.
The Compact NSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) is tested at the following voltage and time during Dielectric Tests.      For NSX100-250, the...
Which are the materials used in Compact NSX connection terminals.
The material used in the Compact NSX terminal connectors is as below:   Compact NSX100-250 : Copper (Cu) + Tin coating   Compact NSX 400-630: Copper...
Will there be any problem if the MX coil (shunt trip) of NS100 to NS630 is continuously kept powered up.
With the newer design technology there will be absolutely no problems if the MX coil (shunt trip coil) of NS100 to NS630 is continuously kept powered...
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