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What are the external dimensions of the PDL56FA1GY?
Outside dimensions are 157 x 157mm. Item is 12mm deep.
What is the difference between the RXM4AB2B7 and the RXM4AB3B7?
The RXM4AB2B7 has a lockable test button, the RXM4AB3B7 does not.
What is the fluid connection type for the XMPA12B2131
Fluid connection type G 1/4 (female) conforming to ISO 228  
What size lugs can be connected to the LC1D1156U7?
Power circuit : bars 1 5 x 25 mm Control circuit : lugs-ring terminals - external diameter: 8 mm Power circuit : lugs-ring terminals - external diameter:...
Does the PDL695RCD30 trip when the power supply is lost?
No, that is a latching RCD and it is not affected by the loss of power supply.
What parts can be used to make an LC2D18BD
That can be made using: LC1D18BD x2 + LAD9R1V x1  
What parts can be used to make the XCKM102H29
That can be made using the ZCKM1H29 and the ZCKD02.
Is the SNZ5428377 rated to be used outdoors?
Yes that is able to be used indoors or outdoors, it should be run in conduit for its entire length.
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