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does the NSYCRN54250P come with a mounting plate?
Yes it comes with a steel mounting plate.
What is the part number for the extended rotary handle to suit the GV7RE80?
Either the GV7AP01 (black handle) or GV7AP02 (red and yellow handle).
Is there a 2 pole 63A changeover switch available?
No, Unfortunately that is not available.  
Do the Iconic 32A dolly rockers fit on the iconic 20A mechanisms?
No, the 32A dolly rockers are made specifically to fit on the 32A mechanisms, they will not fit on the other mechanisms.
What is the deepest enclosure available in the NSYPLM range?
The deepest one we have available is the NSYPLM108BG which is 350mm deep.
Is the A9F44232 suitable for use with 24VDC?
Yes, the A9F44232 is rated up to 60VDC on an isolated DC Circuit.
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